Campground Rules

  1. Property and facilities are to be used by paid campers only.
  2. Pets must be inside or accompanied by their owner on a hand held leash. at all times, Do not leave pets unattended, owners must clean up after pets at all times, no pets allowed in shower house. Pets cannot at anytime be tied up out-side.
  3. Keep campsite clean, only chairs and grills allowed outside. (No trash bags left outside of camper. No cigarette butts on ground; take with you.)
  4. No vehicle repair or maintenance is allowed.
  5. All items left in shower house will be disposed of immediately.
  6. Excess vehicles must park in designated parking area.
  7. No parking in empty sites and no vehicles allowed on grass.
  8. Campfires are allowed by permission only and in raised fire pits only.
  9. All RV’s must have a heated hose during winter months.
  10. Quiet Hours are from 9:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
  11. Speed Limit in park is 5 MPH.
  12. All sewer connections must be securely screwed in.
  13. No rugs on grass.
  14. No grills on our picnic tables

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